COSI'17 Accepted Papers

Rafik Sahbi and Mustapha Chellali. Sur quelques problèmes ouverts de quorum-coloration de graphes
Bouibed Mohamed Lamine, Nemmour Hassiba and Chibani Youcef. Gradient Local Binary Patterns for Keyword Spotting in Handwritten Documents
Bensaid Chaima and Sofiane Boukli Hacene. TRUST MODEL BASED AODV IN VANETS NETWORKS
Mohand Ouamer Bibi and Imane Alioua. Méthode hybride pour le problème de contrôle optimal en temps minimal
Benatallah Mohammed, Ikhlef Eschouf Noureddine and Mihoubi Miloud . The b-domatic number of join graphs
Farida Retima, Saber Benharzallah, Laid Kahloul and Okba Kazar. A comparative analysis of context-management approaches for the Internet of Things
Fatma Zohra Mekahlia, Abdelghani Ghomari and Sami Yazid. Vérification Formelle des Contraintes Temporelles et Spatio-temporelles des Documents SMIL
Mohamed Maiza, Mohamed Tebbal, Billal Rabia and Lakhdar Sais. A Mathematical Model and a Fast Lower Bound for the Open-End Bin Packing Problem with Conflicts
Nassira Chekkai, Assem Chelli, Mohammed Amin Tahraoui, Salim Chikhi and Hamamache Kheddouci. GRAPER: Graph and Personality based-Approach for Trust Collaborative Filtering
Brahim Sahmadi and Dalila Boughaci. Evolutionary Simulated Annealing Algorithm with SVM for Feature Selection and Classification
Amina Lemsara, Salima Ouadfel and Mohamed Batouche. A Comprehensive Taxonomy for Omics Data Integration and Analysis Methods
Ahmed Bouchou and Mostafa Blidia. Characterizations of extremal graphs for somme bounds on k-independence number
Zakia Kezzoula, Soumia Faouci and Djamel Gaceb. Magnification des images de documents dégradées issues des terminaux mobiles
Imene Boukhalfa and Sihem Mostefai. GBAS: Graph Based approach for Arabic Stemming
Chaouki Boufenar and Mohamed Batouche. A Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Offline Isolated Handwritten Arabic Character Recognition
Khalil Djeloud, Mohand Bentobache and Mohand Ouamer Bibi. A hybrid direction method for solving linear programs with bounded variables
Ouiza Lekadir, Karima Aïssanou-Adel, Nacera Bouzit and Nadia Hadidi. Modélisation de la Consommation d'Energie dans les réseaux Ad hoc via l'outil des réseaux de Petri stochastiques
Benabdelaziz Ryma, Djamel Gaceb and Roza Benabdelaziz. Smart-Diffusion des gradients et prétraitement des images de documents en couleurs
Fayçal Saidani, Allel Hadjali, Idir Rassoul and Djamal Belkasmi. Pareto-Optimization-Based Approach for Feature Selection in Sentiment Analysis
Khelifa Chahinez Nour El Houda and Abderrahim Belmadani. Nouvelle approche pour l’optimisation continue : Optimisation par Filtres Morphologiques
Hocine Chebi. Detection Method without crowd behavior modeling by fuzzy logic
Houssam Eddine Rouabhia, Brahim Farou and Hamid Seridi. Suivi multi-cibles
Mohamed Hedi Ghaddab, Khaled Jouini and Ouajdi Korbaa. Fusion de minuties pour une reconnaissance efficiente des empreintes digitales
Baya Ferdjallah, Fatima Affif Chaouche and Abdelhafid Berrachedi. b-chromatic number of Km cartesian product with some particular graphs
Hadjer Goumidi, Zibouda Aliouat and Makhlouf Aliouat. Diffusion Sûre des Messages d’Alerte (DSMA) dans les Vanets
Ouiza Imine and Méziane Aïder. Moore bipartite mixed Graphs