Posters acceptŽs ˆ COSI 2016



1.     Soulef Benhamdi, Abdesselam Babouri and Raja Chiky. Personalized recommender system for e-learning environment


2.     Rabia Sarah Cheriguene, CŽcilia Zanni-Merk and Stella Marc-Zwecker. AmŽlioration de la performance des algorithmes de segmentation par raisonnement ˆ partir de cas (RˆPC)


3.     Abderrahmane Tikourt, Abedenebi Rouigueb and Mustapha Djeddou. Efficient data selection criteria for speaker recognition



4.     Akkouche Abderrahmane and Aidene Mohamed. Solving optimal control problems with input dalay based on the Pontryagin's principle using the variational iteration method


5.     Mohand Ouamer Bibi and Fouzia Ghellab. Method for solving a quadratic problem of optimal control with a piecewise-linear entry


6.     Omar Smail, Oussama Derni, Ali Djefilat and Bernard Cousin. A Stable Multipath Energy-Conserving Routing Protocol for Lifetime Improvement of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks


7.     Thiziri Sifaoui, Fatima Bellahcene and Mohamed Lamine Nait Djoudi. Generation of Utility Functions in Integer Chance Constrained Programs With Multiple Objectives


8.     Zaidi Ali and Chaabane Djamal. A New Method for Optimizing over the Integer Efficient Set


9.     Samia Kharchi and Boukerram Abdellah. DŽveloppement d'une Signature dÕAnneau ˆ Anonymat RŽvocable


10.  Samia Kharchi and Abdellah Boukerram. Signatures Anonymes


11.  Chaouki Boufenar and Mohamed Batouche. OIHACDB: A New Database for Offline Isolated Handwritten Arabic Character Recognition


12.  Baha Fergani and Mohamed-Khireddine Kholladi. Scanned Damaged Map Denoising


13.  Lakehali Somia. Description of a new protocol for remote desktop technology using java programming language


14.  Dahmouni Deftah, Hassina Aliane and Kamel Boukhalfa. Classification des ahadiths ˆ base des concepts dÕune ontologie


15.  Fareh Messaouda and Hadjer Larbaoui. Le Passage ˆ l'Echelle pour l'Alignement SŽmantique des Ontologies


16.  Smaine Mazouzi, Tallel Abdelhamid Kouadria and Hanene Magroun. Restauration bayesienne des IRM cŽrŽbrales


17.  Benbouras Mohammed Amin, Mitiche Kettab Ratiba, Zedira Hamma and Debiche Fatiha. The Use of Geotechnical Information System ÒGŽo-baseÓ to Present a Dry Density Mapping of Algiers Area


18.  Hamla Ahlam Djedjiga and Bessaid Abdelhafid. Une Nouvelle Approche Pour La DŽtection Des Nodules Pulmonaires Dans Les Images Scanner


19.  Mohamed Amine Boudia, Reda Mohamed Hamou, Abdelmalek Amine, Hadj Ahmed Bouarara and Mohamed Elhadi Rahmani. A new approach based on social spiders for the automatic Summaries of texts


20.  Mohamed Amine Boudia, Hamou Reda Mohamed, Abdelmalek Amine, Fatima Kabli and Amine Rahmani. Elaboration of a new theoretical approach based on human renal function for filtering of spam